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Septic Tank Installation,Repair, and Maintenance in Benedict, NE, We Do it All

When it comes to well drilling, well maintenance, pump installations, and septic tanks, Schlegelmilch Plumbing & Well Drilling is your full service team serving Benedict, NE and the surrounding areas. We offer comprehensive well drilling and maintenance and repair services that are fast, efficient, and affordable. From well installations to pump repairs, you can count on us to be there when you need us!

Water wells

The quality of the water that comes out of the ground in the Benedict area is generally outstanding, and is certainly safe. But mineral deposits that occur naturally in the water supply can eventually cause premature wear and tear on pipes, appliances, and bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

At Schlegelmilch Plumbing & Well Drilling, in addition to water well drilling, we also provide a variety of water treatment and water softening products that can vastly improve the quality of the water you're piping through your home, business, or school.
man with hose working on septic tanks in Benedict, NE
person washing hands under faucet after installing septic tanks in Benedict, NE

Septic tanks installation

One of the most important parts of a water management system includes septic tanks. They are vital to ensuring the quality of the water and disposal of it from your home or commercial property.

We've installed hundreds of septic tanks over the years and know the ins-and-outs of getting the job done right the first time around. In fact, we're a Nebraska State Licensed Septic Tank Installer. Call on us to set you up with the right septic tank and system appropriate for your property and needs. We'll advise you on proper maintenance and inspections as necessary.


In addition to well drilling and installation, Schlegelmilch Plumbing & Well Drilling provides well maintenance services.

We can provide occasional inspections of your well, pumping system and septic tanks that could very well help you avoid costly repairs down the road.

In our experience, most people take running water for granted until something goes wrong and they don't have it anymore. Don't let that happen to you! Call us in Benedict today, and let us schedule a routine inspection for you as soon as possible!
Man doing a septic tank installation in Benedict, NE
Septic Tank Installation,Repair, and Maintenance in Benedict, NE, We Do it All

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